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Semantic Features Analysis Definition, Examples, Applications

semantic analysis in artificial intelligence

This network consists of nodes representing objects and arcs which describe the relationship between those objects. Semantic networks can categorize the object in different forms and can also link those objects. From the academic point of view, this research provides students with experience in these hot topic’s critical perspectives.


In a sentence, “I am learning mathematics”, there are two entities, ‘I’ and ‘mathematics’ and the relation between them is understood by the word ‘learn’. There are many words that have different meanings, or any sentence can have different tones like emotional or sarcastic. Humans interact with each other through speech and text, and this is called Natural language. Computers understand the natural language of humans through Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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Moreover, it also plays a crucial role in offering SEO benefits to the company. Uber uses semantic analysis to analyze users’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels via social listening. This implies that whenever Uber releases an update or introduces new features via a new app version, the mobility service provider keeps track of social networks to understand user reviews and feelings on the latest app release.

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Generative AI Poised to Revolutionize Healthcare Delivery & Life ….

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Challenges Blockchain faces such as scalability, performance, and stability, and AI issues are the development of false news, safety problems, and massive monopolization of AI. AI and Blockchain will assist each other with their vulnerabilities (Sung-Bong 2019). Semantic networks are used in specialized information retrieval tasks, such as plagiarism detection. They provide information on hierarchical relations in order to employ semantic compression to reduce language diversity and enable the system to match word meanings, independently from sets of words used. Automated semantic analysis works with the help of machine learning algorithms.

Exploring the status of artificial intelligence for healthcare research in Africa: a bibliometric and thematic analysis

Type checking is an important part of semantic analysis where compiler makes sure that each operator has matching operands. Our research showed a lack of analytical studies that reported on the lessons learned from implementation and the major challenges. To overcome this, we propose research aimed at recognizing the existing stage of blockchain-SCM maturity integration and mapping the major issues. Empirical research reporting diverse viewpoints on blockchain implementations in various supply chain environments is also a possible subject. Paperwork can account for half the cost of transportation in the container industry.

semantic analysis in artificial intelligence

The working memory contains the description of the current state of problems-solving and rule can write knowledge to the working memory. In the above diagram, we have represented the different type of knowledge in the form of nodes and arcs. Informed consent was obtained from all individual participants included in the study. The Research Ethics Committee has confirmed that no ethical approval is required. For example, point-to-point esteem move, dispersed innovations, and computerized resources instruments through savvy agreements to guarantee consistency with contracts, advanced character acknowledgment. Application areas are not limited as they include data management to IoMT (Internet of Medical Things).

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semantic analysis in artificial intelligence

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